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Federal judge rules illegal aliens properly expelled from US may return

White House plan to legalize 15 million illegal aliens

Obama VA Secretary becomes combative during Congressional testimony

Fed judge sides with NSA in spying on Americans case

FEC to craft new rules restricting political speech

DHS operating hotlines for illegal aliens who believe rights violated

Congressmen who decry 'the 1%' and 'income inequality' attend Grammy awards

Millions will owe Obamacare tax penalty

Early speeches of Obama's AG nominee show a race-baiting tilt

GOP bill removes more border fence than it builds

Obama lectures Europe to better integrate Muslims
Obama asks tech companies to install 'back doors' to facilitate government spying

White House: Obama to fight news organizations that publish anti-jihad articles

Former FBI agent writes frank, scathing letter to AG Holder

IRS still targeting conservative tax-exempt groups

New emails show Lerner concerned secret IRS campaign targeting conservative groups could get discovered

Obama snubs historic Paris anti-terror march; designee Holder skips out before event

Federal judge strikes down ID theft law on basis it harms illegal aliens

GAO: 63% of veteran suicide cases improperly processed by VA

Obama AG nominee may have violated Crime Victims Restitution Act in $40 million fraud

IG: Feds waste $43 billion each year

More reports Pentagon paid a ransom in attempt to free Bergdahl

Obama Admin violating own ObamaCare law by directing health insurers to 'hide' abortion fees

Obama threatens to shut-down Homeland Security if Congress doesn't fully-fund his unconstitutional amnesty program

Top officials fired over lavish GSA spending on exotic junkets reinstated with  back pay

Army couple's wedding relocated to make way for Obama's golf game

Veteran suicide rate clouded by incomplete V.A. records

Former FBI agent pleads guilty in bribery scheme

NSA admits in Christmas Eve document dump it illegally spied on Americans

Obama Admin funnels $1.5 million to group behind race-baiting rap video

             Here is the video

More evidence IRS was targeting conservative and Jewish non-profits

Obama amnesty plan an effort to increase Democrat voter rolls

Former DOD employee sentenced to prison for health benefits fraud

VA failing wounded veterans when it comes to prosthetic arms

DOD bomb hunting unit spied on American citizens and companies

Obama apologizes to Castro

IRS threatens to delay 2015 tax return checks

EA employee charged in credit card fraud scheme

CIA will not punish staff that hacked into Senate computers

DHS spends half billion dollars on overtime

Court case challenging constitutionality of NSA domestic spying program

Obama: 'I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning'

CA: Student association votes for state university system to divest from America

CA: Taxpayer dollars spent on 'Queer Agriculture' course

CA: 'Covered California' headed toward collapse

CA: DMV appointments for residents delayed for weeks as agency gives licenses to illegal aliens

CA: State offering taxpayer-subsidized auto insurance to illegal aliens 

CA: Judge charged with misconduct over gifts to court clerk

CO: Female prison guard accused of sexually assaulting male inmates

CT: Waterury schools to honor two Muslim religious holidays

DC: AG overruled police and wouldn't charge NBC's Gregory  for possessing illegal gun clip

FL: Hillsborough judge arrested on domestic violence charge

GA: Judge convicted of framing and jailing woman he sexually harassed

IL: Chicago Public Schools employee committed $870,000 fraud

IL: Emanual Admin exaggerated claims of Chicago's red-light cameras

IA: Police blow-out tires of pregnant woman in labor and hold her at gunpoint

IA: Judge arrives at work drunk after urinating in the street

MD: Judge suspended over pattern of inappropriate remarks in court

MI: State university slowly placing restrictions on free speech

MI: Man calls police to confront distraught girlfriend; police shoot her dead

NJ: Governor's office will not disclose Christie's out of state travel expenses

NY: Assembly speaker arrested for multimillion dollar bribery scheme

NY: NYPD pays settlement to man for 2013 chokehold incident

NY: NYPD IG criticizes lax enforcement of chokehold violations

NY: Arrests plummet 64% as NYPD police begin work stoppage

NY: DeBlasio reappoints Brooklyn judge who released violent cop-haters

NY: Brooklyn judge frees man already on bail for assault & gun charges after he made threats against police officers

PA: Ten PennDOT employees in corruption & bribery scandal

PA: Judge pleads guilty in corruption case attorney-general tried to shut-down

TX: Health Commissioner makes improper highering and tuition disbursement decisions

TX: Police officer hits 76-year old man with stun gun over expired inspection sticker

UT: Man calls suicide hotline; police arrive and shoot him dead

VA: School board grilling homeschooled children over their religious beliefs

Hot Topics

TSA screener pepper-sprays husband in face for not turning up thermostat

TSA censors embarrassing IG report

FAA employee arrested for carrying gun on flight

Confessions of a former TSA screener

TSA screener convicted of stealing money from passengers

TSA screener accused of killing wife

Accused rapists slip past TSA -- even a foreigner without a passport

Three lawsuits filed against same TSA screener for invasive searches of elderly women

Lawsuit: TSA unscrewed urn and spilled deceased's ashes

TSA transfers Rapiscan machine to state with all security images still in memory

TSA giving relaxed screening privileges to government employees

TSA agents demands to pat-down passenger upon leaving airport after flight completed

Study: Guess what? Full-body scanners didn't work as advertised

TSA now admits allowing illegal aliens to fly without proper ID

Senior TSA inspector arrested in child-sex sting

TSA destroys New Zealand cricketer's bat looking for drugs

Woman sneaks past TSA and boards plane without a ticket

Fake TSA screener does perfect imitation of real screener: he groped women passengers

TSA screener thought District of Columbia was a foreign country

TSA detains mother over her breast milk

After furiously hiring more workers TSA now offering early retirements to cut work force

TSA permits illegal aliens to board aircraft without ID

Whistleblower: latest cell phone threat 'political theater'

TSA confiscates belt buckle that resembles a pistol

TSA agent breaks antique jade sculpture worth $500,000

TSA does not like bass musical instruments

TSA 'opt-out' policy a scam

Screener ignorant of TSA rules denies disabled woman access to her flight

Two-thirds of Americans fear flying -- now they can fear TSA's canines

Employee union wants 65,000-member TSA to get even bigger -- and armed

TSA 'behavioral detection' program as accurate as flipping a coin

TSA confiscates perfume bottle that 'could' be mistaken for a grenade

TSA's silly, locked holster for FFDO

TSA orders half-ton of dynamite

HBO actress detained by TSA over cat-shaped keychain

TSA screener refuses to accept 'foreign' Washington, DC issued ID

TSA baggage inspectors cutting off TSA approved locks

TSA supervisor accused in third theft

Another cancer survivor humiliated by TSA inspectors

TSA official threatens producer of TSA parody video

TSA gives special treatment to homosexual couples

TSA screeners destroy musician's hand-crafted instruments

TSA screener argues with actress alleging she bought a knock-off purse

Items 'missing' from passengers' luggage at Syracuse Airport twice the national average

TSA gives 'special considerations' to transgender travelers

Former TSA supervisor charged with trafficking cocaine

TSA targets Sikh for wearing a turban

GAO: TSA's 'behavioral detection officer' program doesn't work

Proposed legislation would prevent TSA from keeping passengers' change

TSA pre-check program raises privacy concerns

IG: TSA investigators waste millions of dollars

TSA agent accused of theft at Madison Airport

Internal documents reveal TSA believes no domestic terrorist threat posed to US airlines

Air Marshal arrested for taking photos up women's skirts

TSA agents demand cancer survivors publicly remove prosthetic breasts

TSA agents harass critically ill child

TSA to keep Pre-Check fingerprints on file for 75 years

Ex-TSA agent arraigned for making terrorist threats

TSA offices in small city airport to cost $860,000

9-year old sneaks past TSA and onto airplane

21 TSA agents arrested in stolen parking pass ring

TSA agents run gambling ring

TSA agent arrested for smuggling illegal aliens into US

Passenger kicked off flight for wearing satirical anti-TSA t-shirt

Police arrest man for filming TSA checkpoint

8 TSA employees arrested in parking-pass theft & resale

TSA to purchase 3.5 million rounds of ammunition

TSA now roaming in public making 'suspicionless' searches

TSA manager accused of sexual abuse

TSA now conducting inspections at concert venues

TSA fires air marshal for posting sensitive info online

Female radio host molested by TSA screener

TSA misconduct grew 26% in past three years

TSA agent kidnaps & rapes woman

TSA's 'Pre-Check' program permits 3rd party data mining

TSA admits have access to passengers' web-browsing history

Honolulu TSA screener accused of stealing cash from passenger

TSA now searching cars at select airports

TSA agents confesses to drug sales

TSA requests travelers be sensitive of Muslim Ramadan

Gravely wounded Marine harassed by TSA screeners; forced to disrobe

Is TSA going to arm its baggage screeners?

TSA 'cooked the books' on private screening costs

SA's 50 most dangerous officers

TSA workers now in overseas airports screening non-US bound flights

Top TSA officer caught with thousands of child porn photos

TSA causes man with prosthetic leg to miss flight

TSA dog bites woman at Atlanta airport

TSA detains passenger for failing to flush toilet

TSA supervisor caught on video stealing Tylenol from luggage

TSA agents humiliate moms with breast-pumps

Another TSA worker accused of theft

Former TSA worker says agency does little to keep flyers safe

IG: TSA hired criminals and allowed access to secure areas

TSA to spend $1,000 on each TSA employee for uniforms just for 2013

TSA worker convicted of murdering married co-worker with whom he was having an affair

Fake bomb smuggled through TSA screening undetected

TSA employees: they are worse than you think

TSA baggage screeners leave 'creepy' notes on sex-toys in checked baggage

TSA. Toddler. Disabled. Wheelchair.  It all ends badly

TSA lies to airline passengers about their rights to record

TSA damages famous cellist's $20,000 bow

TSA considering moving backscatter X-ray machines to government offices

TSA practices incorrect confiscation statistics

TSA wants financial info and privacy data on travelers

TSA screener arrested for striking 75-year old woman, harassing & threatening his psychiatrist

Washington state to fight back against unlawful TSA actions

TSA screeners steal more than $300,000 of passenger valuables at just one airport

Thousands more stolen by TSA a second airport

TSA sued after arresting man for carrying peanut butter

TSA accused of workplace discrimination

Virginia man awarded $250,000 for TSA abuse

Kansas bill would criminalize TSA misconduct

TSA bomb-sniffing dogs cost $164,000 each

TSA practices disturbing mass casualty drills

Court: First Amendment lawsuit against TSA may proceed

VIDEO: How to prevent TSA screeners from stealing from carry-on luggage

TSA screener arrested for second incident of stealing cash from passenger

How TSA retaliates against those who opt-out

Widespread anti-TSA sentiment due to abuse

TSA screener caught stealing cash from passenger

Another woman involved in TSA 'pat down' controversy

TSA screeners laughed at naked images of passengers

Police officer accused of racism is now works for TSA

TSA agent jailed for stealing cash from passenger

TSA detains wheelchair-bound 12 year-old

Privacy invasions by the TSA

The TSA's culture of stealing

TSA screener at JFK arrested for stealing passenger electronics

TSA Chief was no-show, refused to testify before Congress

TSA threatens whistleblower who reported security breaches

TSA agents threaten to arrest reporter for legally filming
Video: agent pushes camera away

Disturbing trend of TSA agents patting-down women more than men

GAO: TSA ignored thousands of legitimate complaints

Liberal magazine: TSA is killing us

TSA agent sentenced to prison for dealing in child porn

TSA exposes 17-year old's breast during pat-down

TSA threatens 'opt-out' journalist

TSA injures baby in infant carrier

TSA arrests and jails artist for wearing 'odd' watch

National "Opt Out and Film Week" targets TSA abuse

TSA humiliates woman with debilitating disease

TSA secures union contract for 45,000 employees

TSA agents now cutting off locks to steal passenger valuables

TSA's absurd 'discrim-FRO-nation' search

TSA humiliates sobbing 58-year old woman alleges she has a penis

Collective Bargaining Agreement allows TSA to spend more taxpayer money on uniforms than the Marine Corps

TSA Agent Accused of Child Rape

Judge Backs TSA in 'Groping' of Minor-aged Children

TSA Screeners in Scandal at Honolulu Airport

44 TSA Employees at Newark Airport Under Investigation

TSA 'Pats Down' A Woman's Vagina

TSA Allowed New Orleans Hornets VP Take Loaded Handgun on Plane

Ex-TSA: Agents Steal All the Time

TSA's Obnoxious 'Freeze' Program

TSA Confiscates Children's Peanut Butter

TSA's Culture of Theft

TSA Screener Caught with Child Porn

90% of Frequent Travelers Give TSA Grade of 'Fair' or 'Poor'

Photos: TSA = Training for Sexual Assault

Hundreds of Passengers Letters of Complaint Detail Inappropriate Genital Groping by TSA Screeners

TSA Admits to Kicking Passenger off Flight for 'Attitude'

TSA Now Testing Drinks Purchased Inside of Terminals
 --- Video

Medical Concerns Grow Over TSA Scanners

Growing Cost of Airport Security

TSA Harasses Ron Paul Upon Leaving Tampa

TSA Detains Suspicious Man with Disability

Anti-TSA Satirical Music Video

Loophole Allowing TSA to Fire Military Reservists has Closed

First Guilty Pleas in TSA Drug Smuggling Case

Man Booted from Flight for Wearing Anti-TSA T-shirt

TSA Agents Quizzing Passengers on Vacation Travels

TSA Purchases Worthless Junk

5 Things to Never Say to a TSA Screener

TSA Shows Up to Provide Security at Ryan Event

White House Removes TSA Petition Just Short of 25,000 Votes

Southwest Airlines Pilot Gets Into Fight with 'Condescending' TSA Agent

TSA Agents Involved in Major Security Breach at Newark Airport

TSA Agents Caught Trafficking in Fake Drugs

TSA Covering up Cluster of Cancer Cases Among X-Ray Operators

TSA Screeners Indicted in Drug-Smuggling Scheme

Gun Found in Restroom Beyond TSA Checkpoint at Detroit Airport

TSA Chief Says Americans Should Expect Some TSA Screeners to be Criminals

New Orlean's Abusive TSA Screeners

Canada's Airport Screeners Sacrifice Security for Contract Negotiations

TSA Pays Settlement to Fired Employee in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Court Demands TSA Explain Why It is Defying 'Nude' Scanner Court Order

TSA Agent Assaults Woman Who Videotaped Her While Intoxicated

Amtrak Police Track Down Activist Who Filmed TSA Agents Weeks Earlier

TSA Head: Invasive Inspection Practices Here to Stay

US Spy Agency Employees Exempt from Most TSA Inpsections

Journalist Who Recorded TSA Actions Accused of Terrorist Activity by Agency

TSA About to Become Major Public Employee Union

TSA Employees Contribute to Obama Over Romney by 9-1 Margin

TSA Ordering People to Freeze on Command

TSA Invades Chicago's Union Station

TSA Wants to Test Passenger Drinks at the Gate

The Impact of TSA Employees Breaking the Rules

TSA Fails to Comply with 'Nude' Body Scanner Court Order

TSA Officials Harass Disabled, Elderly Man on Oxygen, Cause Him to Miss Flight

TSA Finally Accepts Flight Attendants as Trusted Travelers

TSA Screeners to Become Major Union Force

TSA Force Passenger to Remove Prosthetic Leg

TSA Aggressively Searched 7-Year Old Girl on Crutches

TSA Strip-Searched Woman, Fiddled with Feeding Tube

TSA Backed Illegal Aliens Attending Flight School Owned by an Illegal Alien
-- TSA and ICE Failed at Background Checks

Man Who Stripped Naked to Protest TSA Policies Not Guilty of Indecent Exposure

TSA Agents Make Fun of Deaf Passenger, Take & Eat His Candy

TSA Agent Dumps Cremated Ashes on Floor

TSA Leaves Star Trek Star with Pants Around Ankles

Senate Dems Back Increased Passenger Fees to Fund TSA Spending

Ex-Priest Accused of Sex Abuse is Now a TSA Agent

TSA 'Mothballed' $184 Million in Airport Security Equipment

TSA Agents Steal $300 from 95-year old WWII Veteran

TSA Screener Ask 79-Year Old if She Was Wearing a Sanitary Napkin

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