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AL: Alabama Environmental Council
AL: Alabama Policy Institute
AL: Alabama Right to Know
AL: Brentwood Watchdog
AL: Alabama Political Watchdog
AK: Alaska Policy Forum
AK: Alaska Watchdog
AK: Juneau Watchdog
AZ: Arizona Central Watchdog
AZ: Arizona Prison Watch
AZ: Arizona Public Interest Research Group
AZ: Goldwater Institute
CA: California Public Interest Research Group
CA: Cal Watchdog
CA: California Watch
CA: MapLight - California
CO: Adolph Coors Foundation
CO: Colorado Ethics Watch
CO: Colorado Public Interest Research Group
CT: Connecticut Watchdog
CT: New Haven Citizens Action Network
CT: Connecticut Public Research Group
FL: Florida Center for Investigative Reporting
FL: Florida Public Interest Research Group
FL: Foundation for Florida's Future
FL: James Madison Institute
FL: Watchdog Florida Today
GA: Georgia Public Interest Research Group
GA: Georgia Watchdog
HI: Grassroot Institute of Hawaii
ID: Idaho Freedom Foundation
ID: Idaho Watchdog

IL: Illinois Public Interest Research Group
IN: Indiana Public Interest Research Group
IN: Watchdog Indiana
IA: Iowans for Tax Relief
IA: Iowa Public Interest Research Group
KS: Kansas Watchdog
KY: Bluegrass Institute
KY: Kentucky Open Government
KY: Oldham County Watchdog
LA: Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana
MA: Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group
MD: Maryland Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
MD: Maryland Public Interest Research Group
ME: Maine Watchdog
ME: Pinetree Watchdog
ME: Watchdog-Maine
ME: Watchdog 151
MI: Mackinac Center for Public Policy
MI: Michigan Watchdog
MI: Public Interest Research Group in Michigan
MN: Minnesota Majority
MN: Minnesota Public Interest Research Group
MN: The Minnesota Watchdog
MN: Watchdog News
MO: Missouri Education Watchdog
MO: Missouri Public Interest Research Group
MO: Missouri Watchdog
MO: Show-Me Institute
MT: Montana Public Interest Research Group
MT: Montana Watchdog
NE: Nebraska Watchdog
NV: Citizen Outreach
NV: Nevada Policy Research Institute
NV: Transparent Nevada
NH: Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
NH: Free State Project
NH: Goffstown Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility
NH: Goffstown Watchdog
NH: Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy
NH: New Hampshire Watchdog
NH: Rochester Concerned Taxpayers
NJ: New Jersey Public Interest Research Group
NJ: New Jersey Watchdog
NJ: Union County Watchdog Association
NM: New Mexico Watchdog
NM: New Mexico Public Interest Research Group
NM: Rio Grande Foundation
NC: John Locke Foundation
NC: North Carolina Public Interest Research Group
NC: Patriot Watchdog
NY: New York Public Interest Research Group
OH: Buckeye Institute
OH: Ohio Public Interest Research Group
OH: Ohio Watchdog
OK: Oklahoma Watchdog
OR: Cascade Policy Institute
OR: Commonsense for Oregon
OR: Oregon State Public Interest Research Group
OR: Oregon Tax News
OR: Oregon Watchdog
PA: Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group
RI: Exeter Watchdog
RI: Operation Clean Government
RI: Rhode Island Public Interest Research Group
RI: Rhode Island Statewide Coalition
TN: Beacon Center
TN: Tennessee Center for Policy Research
TN: Tennessee Government Watch
TN: Tennessee Watchdog
TX: Texas Public Interest Research Group
TX: Texas Public Policy Foundation
TX: Texas Watchdog
UT: Utah Taxpayers Association
VT: Vermont Public Interest Research Group
VA: Old Dominion Watchdog
WA: Washington Public Interest Research Group
WA: Washington Watchdog
WV: West Virginia Watchdog
WI: MapLight - Wisconsin
WI: Media Trackers
WI: Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group
WI: Watchdog Milwaukee
WI: Wisconsin Watch
WY: Wyoming Watchdogs

AL: Judge orders governor to not sign legislation

AL: Former Governor Siegelman Headed to Prison For Six Years

AL: Judge Shuts-Down Harpersville 'Debtors Prison'

AL: Attorneys Argue Whether Governor Should Testify in Corruption Trial

AL: One of Highest Paid Govt Employees Lives in Texas and Works Only 3 Days a Week

AL: Former College Chancellor Sentenced to Prison

AL: State 2-year College System Fraud Runs Deep

AL: Former State Representative Appealing Fraud Conviction

AL: State Seeks Overhaul of Ethics Rules following Conviction of State Senator

AK: State Considers On-Line Spending Database

AK: DOJ Won't Reimburse Ex-Rep. After Dropping Corruption Charges

AK: Police Officer Discovered to be Illegal Alien

AK: House Speaker Conviction Thrown Out, Retrial Possible

AR: Judge in hot water after anonymous online posts

AR: $200,000 Missing from Dept of Veterans Affairs

AR: Highway Officials Request Large Car Fleets

AZ: Arizona State University offers extra credit to women who don't shave armpit hair

AZ: Governor vetoes religious freedom law

AZ: College suspends student who requested classes be taught in English

AZ: Judge Apologizes for Suggesting Sexual Assault Victim to Blame

AZ: Fed Judge Rules Against Arizona's Human Smuggling Law

AZ: State Sues Fed Govt over Outdated Voting Rights Act

AZ: $1.5 Million Spent to Change Hwy Signs from Kilometers to Miles

AZ: Probate Courts Leave Adults Vulnerable

AZ: Obstacles to Disciplining Bad State Employees

CA: Is California headed toward default?

CA: State to provide free healthcare to illegal aliens

CA: UC Irvine students vote to ban US flag

CA: Student association votes for state university system to divest from America

CA: Taxpayer dollars spent on 'Queer Agriculture' course

CA: 'Covered California' headed toward collapse

CA: DMV appointments for residents delayed for weeks as agency gives licenses to illegal aliens

CA: State offering taxpayer-subsidized auto insurance to illegal aliens 

CA: Judges sue state pension program

CA: Disturbing travesty in California courts regarding adults and minors have sexual relationships

CA: State's unconstitutional restrictions on conceal carry permits may fal

CA: High-speed rail will be completed in 80 years at current rate of progress

CA: Regulator conspired to get favorable judge appointed to legal review

CA: College student directed to remove US flag as it might offend foreigners

CA: UCLA pays $500,000 in campus police brutality incident

CA: Without provocation CHP viciously beats homeless woman

CA: State senator indicted for bribery

CA: Anti-gun senator makes fool of himself

CA: Agency recommends state buy 'green energy' cars for the poor

CA: More than 1,000,000 to lose health insurance under ObamaCare

CA: Nearly 1 in 4 in California living below federal poverty level

CA: Illegal immigrants permitted to practice law

CA: Children can now have three parents

CA: The model of inequality

CA: Prison performing sterilization on female inmates without state knowledge

CA: College official orders student to remove 'offensive' cross necklace

CA: Feinstein demonstrates she doesn't understand the Constitution

CA: Bill would allow schoolchildren to decide which gender bathrooms and locker rooms to use

CA: UC Regents refuse to hear evidence on the failure of the university system

CA: Dumbing-down public education

CA: Judge supports state in eminent domain seizure land value dispute

CA: Taxes go up and revenues go down as high-income earners flee the state

CA: State employee receives $822,000 salary

CA: State hides identities of state employees who commit abuse and crimes

CA: Enacts highest tax rate in nation; revenues fall $1 billion in one month

CA: Teachers union produces video of 'rich' urinating on the 'poor'

CA: 1% of taxpayers pay half of all taxes

CA: Judge blocks California high-speed lawsuit

CA: 700,000 Invalid Voter Registrations

CA: More City Bankruptcies Expected

CA: State Tells 23 University Campuses to Not Admit California Residents in 2013

CA: It's Official -- San Berdoo Goes Bankrupt

CA: Governor Allegedly Stole From 9/11 Fund

CA: State Commits to Spending $68 Billion on High-Speed Rail Project

CA: Child Well-being Plummets

CA: Red Flags in Bankruptcies

CA: Broke State Commits $8 Billion on 'Bullet Train

CA: The State's Bankruptcy Epidemic

CA: State Bar Rules Illegal Alien Should Get Law License

CA: State Ends the Train to Nowhere

CA: State Ethics Investigation Into San Francisco Campaign Contributions

CA: State Contemplates 4-Day Work Week for Govt Employees

CA: Budget Deficit Swells to $16 Billion

CA: Legislature Readying Bill to Ban 'Reparative Therapy' for Minors

CA: The Failed 'Hydrogen Highway' Project

CA: State Ethics Commission Rules Local Elected Officials Exempt from Conflict-of-Interest Rules in Appointing Selves to Paid Boards

CA: The Ugly Cancer That is 'Multiculturalism'

CA: Government Allows Private Company to Retain Private Citizens Data

CA: Lawmaker Writes 'Public Employee Bill of Rights'

CA: State to Run Out of Money in Early March

CA: Panel: High-Speed Rail Project 'Fundamentally Flaw[ed]'

CA: Harsh Light Bulb Standard Goes Into Effect in 2012

CA: Bill Before Assembly Would Require Employment Perks for Babysitters

CA: Mental Health Official Billed State to Attend Celebrity's Funeral

CA: 300,000 Medical Records Made Public on Internet

CA: Legislature Poised to Enact Law Requiring Fitted Sheets in Hotel Rooms

CA: Endless List of Government Agencies

CA: CalPERS Reduces Inflated Pensions of More than 300

CA: Prison Psychiatrist Paid $838,706

CA: Spending $1.25 Billion on Medical Services for Illegal Aliens

CA: Assembly May Dissolve Smallest City

CA: State Boards are Politicians' Jobs Program

CA: Employees Owe State Millions in Salaries and Travel Advances

CA: Opportunity to Eliminate Redevelopment Agencies

CA: Several Govt Entities Refuse Request to Disclose Salaries

CA: National Guardsman Sentenced for Defrauding Govt of $15 Million

CA: Dept of Corrections Wastes $366,000

CA: Auditor Finds Misuse of Public Funds

CA: 96,000 State Employees Have Govt Cell Phones

CA: Supreme Court Rules Police Can Search Smart Phone Activity without Search Warrant

CA: Air National Guard Accused of Pay Scam

CA: Gov-Elect Brown to Eliminate State Inspector General Office

CA: $69 Million of Welfare Benefits Drawn out of State

CA: $25 Billion Budget Deficit & $75 Billion Employee Benefits Deficit

CA: Govt Employees, Families Skip Traffic Violations Using 'Confidential' License Plates

CA: Supreme Court Rules -- Illegal Aliens to Get In-State College Tuition Rates

CA: Political Candidates Owe Millions in Campaign Election Fines

CO: Female prison guard accused of sexually assaulting male inmates

CO: School bribes students to eat Michelle Obama lunches

CO: Denver police officers savagely beat man; trip 7-month pregnant woman

CO: Chinese immigrant says 'common core' same as what's taught in China

CO: Judge orders bakery to ignore religious beliefs and bake cakes for gay couples

CO: How 'stoned' is 'too stoned' to drive

CO: 'Crime fighting' legislator has criminal record

CO: Lawmaker says women afraid of rape cannot be trusted with guns

CO: Counties had more registered voters than people

CO: Sharia Law in Effect

CT: Two schools ban Halloween and rename day as 'Fall Festival'

CT: Lawmaker makes sexual remark to 17-year old girl

CT: State Gives $20 Million in 'Longevity Pay' to State Employees

CT: Governor Proposes Merging State Watchdog Agencies

CT: State Investigators Clear ACORN of Voter Fraud

DE: Secret Arbitration Court Ruled Unconstitutional

DE: House Dems Kill Bill Waiving State Immunity in Child Sex Abuse Cases

DC: Judge orders man to stop smoking ... in his own home

DC: Mayor fired insurance commissioner for accurately questioning Obama's improper Obamacare 'fix'

DC: HIV/AIDS Service Provider Spent $330,000 Federal Grant to Open Strip Club

DC: Inspector General's Office Staffer Sentenced for Fraud

DC: Inspector General Powerless in Scandal Investigations

DC: Councilman has two city-paid fully-loaded SUVs

DC: Conviction Reversed As Govt Filed Wrong Charges

FL: Five Miami-area police cars race through city with lights on while heading to breakfast

FL: Judge rules George Zimmerman a 'public figure' in dismissing libel suit against NBC News

FL: Authorities arrest pastor to halt Koran burning

FL: Judge places 'gag order' on Jacksonville TV station

FL: State Capitol hosts mural depicting George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin in back of head

FL: State's attorney files whistleblower who reported prosecutorial misconduct in Zimmerman case

FL: Judge and prosecutor secretly texting during murder trial

FL: Legislator proposes anger management courses for ammo customers

FL: Prosecution still withholding evidence from Zimmerman defense counsel

FL: State Board of Education is Staffed with Bigots

FL: Judge Rules Illegal Alien Children Can Get In-State Tuition

FL: Judge Orders Teacher Reinstated Who Put Austistic Student's Crayons in Hot Sauce

FL: Governor: State Will Not Implement ObamaCare

FL: 53,000 Dead Found on Voter Rolls

FL: Officials Looking at Exorbitant Time-Off Pay-offs

FL: Standardized High School Test Passing Rate Plummets from 80% to 30% in One Year

FL: Attorney-General Under Fire for Firings

FL: Corruption at State University System

FL: South Florida Political Corruption Racking Up Big Numbers

FL: Leads Nation in Prisoner Tax Fraud

FL: Governor Pardons Rock Performer 40-years after His Death

FL: Taxpayers Pay for $125 per Day Make-up Bill for Tattooed Defendant

FL: Juvenile Justice Secy Accused of Misusing State Funds

GA: Chair of judicial watchdog commission resigns citing political protection of favored judges

GA: Former judge indicted for allegedly lying to commission

GA: Judge convicted of framing and jailing woman he sexually harassed

GA: Atlanta judge reverses his unconstitutional restraining order against TV news report

GA: Fulton County judges threaten to jail county officials over the judge's travel reimbursements

GA: Former judge accused with sexual harassment

GA: Judge resigns over misconduct allegations

GA: Judge Accused of Pre-signing Warrants

GA: Police Officer Wrongfully Arrests Woman for Being 'Disrespectful'

GA: Nearly 60 Candidates Owe Taxes

GA: Expected Legal Challenge to Welfare Drug-Testing Law

GA: Congressman Again Warns Guam Island Could 'Tip Over and Capsize'

HI: State Registrar Refuses to Certify Obama Birth Certificate as Genuine

HI: Government Waste Detailed

HI: $1 Million Spent to Erect 1.8 Miles of Fence

HI: Budget Increases Faster than Legislators Can Cut

ID: Judge Arrested on DUI Charges

ID: Options Running Out for Legislator Who Owes IRS $550,000 in Unpaid Taxes & Penalties

ID: 2011 Report on Government Waste

IL: Budget-stricken Illinois is still selling lottery tickets but not paying winners

IL: College hid $95 million in spending on booze, shooting clubs

IL: Reckless-driving state trooper changes attitude when he learns he was being recorded

IL: Former judge gets 2-year sentence for drug charge

IL: Common core school assignment asks parents to self-identify as 'liberal' or 'conservative'

IL: Human Rights Office employee attempted to influence case for personal gain

IL: Judge who shoved deputy not guilty by reason of insanity

IL: GOP official calls female Congressional candidate 'street walker'

IL: State has worst credit rating in entire nation

IL: Convicted Mel Reynolds to run for former Congressional seat

IL: Judge Overrules All-Democrat Election Board That Kicked 3 GOP Candidates Off Ballot for Using Paper-Clips

IL: State Workers Forced to Participate in Political Campaign Event

IL: House Expels Indicted Member

IL: Parts of Chicago Gun Law Struck Down as Unconstitutional

IL: Amazon-Tax Law Ruled Unconstitutional

IL: Governor Kept Secret the Dismissal of Agency Head

IL: Governor Illegally Stacking Boards and Commissions

IL: 13-yr old Repeatedly Raped, Given Birth Control Pills While in Care of Dept of Child & Family Services

IN: State worker selling cosmetics while on the job

IN: Supreme Court suspends lawyer for calling an illegal alien an "illegal alien"

IN: Academic freedom at Ball State only for politically correct issues

IN: Courts criminalize First Amendment

IN: Dept of Ed improperly counted students

IN: First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement

IA: DHS officials implicated in mistreatment of special needs patients

IA: Judge charged with insurance fraud

IA: Judge arrives at work drunk after urinating in the street

IA: State lawmaker calls for confiscation of guns

IA: University of Iowa Law School Sued for Bias in Opposing Pro-Life Job Applicant

IA: Judge Halts Secure Election Law

IA: Judge Orders Father to Bring Children to Prison for Visitation with Mother Convicted of Murder

IA: Protesters Demand Congress 'Create' Jobs

IA: Child Abuse Registry List in Disarray

KS: Judge fires employee for committing a good deed

KS: Sperm donor ordered to pay child support to lesbian couple

KS: Judge Blocks Student Transfers from Unaccredited Schools

KS: Fed Judges Redraw Congressional and Legislative Districts

KS: Former Kansas University Official to be Sentenced in $2 Million Ticket Scalping Scheme

KS: Mission City Taxes Christian Churches for Parishioners

KY: Judge may be removed from bench over alleged misconduct

KY: Auditor finds misspend funds at state agency

KY: State Considers Borrowing Money to Meet $19 Billion Pension Shortfall

LA: Mayor urges voter fraud by supporters of Mary Landrieu

LA: Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years in prison

LA: Judge rules school voucher program unconstitutional

LA: State bungled ice delivery after Hurricane Isaac

LA: Former Governor to Be Released from Prison

LA: Federal Judges Tosses Hurricane Katrina-era Class-Action Lawsuit Against Police Action

MA: Audit: Inappropriate use of state-owned vehicles

ME: Judge rules school district did not discriminate against transgendered child

ME: VIDEO - State Officials Embroiled in Medicaid Fraud

ME: Governor Calls IRS 'New Gestapo'

ME: Senate Rejects Secure Elections Measure in Legislature

MD: Judge orders prison to treat transgender inmates better

MD: Judge suspended over pattern of inappropriate remarks in court

MD: State official fired for nearly $800,000 conflict-of-interest expenditure; state protects identity

MD: Governor calls for sanctuary for illegal aliens -- but not in his state

MD: Judge orders stripper is entitled to back-pay

MD: Lawmakers not surprised by prison scandal

MD: Fed judge rebukes police for abuse against citizen who filmed police brutality

MD: Judge suspended over cell phone jailings

MD: Governor Flip-Flops on 'Better Off' Analysis in 24 Hours

MD: Report: Lawmakers Responsible for Exorbitant Budget

MD: High Court Hears Case on Lesbian Divorce

MD: Health Dept Didn't Control Birth Certificate Issuance

MD: State Officials Engage in Petition Fraud

MD: Union Workers Expected to Protest Dem Governor's Pension Reform Plan

MD: General Assembly Debates Voter ID Law

MA: Governor nominates judge based on judicial activism in homosexual issues

MA: Judge awards custody of 15-year old to state over decisions on medical care

MA: Corrupt mayor to teach at Harvard

MA: Ethics-Challenged Judge Faces Larceny Charge

MA: Dept of Ed states 'transgender' students may use either bathroom

MA: Judges Issue More DUI Acquittals Than Do Juries

MA: Governor Urges Taxpayer-Funded 'Green Energy' Companies in Spite of Failures

MA: State GOP Asks Harvard to Investigate Professor's Lie About Minority Heritage

MA: State Bans School Bake Sales

MA: High Govt Officials Involved in Ethics and Corruption Scandals

MA: Governor Defends Abuse of EBT Cards

MA: Police Data Base Smacks of 'Big Brother'

MA: Governor to be Witness in House Speaker Corruption Trial

MA: Corruption Trial Begins for Former House Speaker

MA: Former Representative Gets 'Job' at UMass

MA: Corruption Trial of House Speaker Looms

MA: 'Abuse and Corruption' in State Probation Department

MI: State university slowly placing restrictions on free speech

MI: Man calls police to confront distraught girlfriend; police shoot her dead

MI: Judge rules no First Amendment rights for 57-year old student dismissed from college

MI: Judge halts Detroit bankruptcy because it doesn't 'honor' Obama

MI: Disgraced ex-judge heads off to prison for fraud

MI: School confiscates 3rd grader's cupcakes that were decorated with soldiers

MI: State Conducts Armed Raids on Pig Farms

MI: Dem Party Official Sentenced for 2010 Election Fraud

MI: State Deducts SEIU Union Dues from Medicaid Payments

MI: State to Begin Tracking Weight of All Children

MI: State Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops

MI: Academics Outraged at Govt Records FOIA Request

MN: Governor misspells Minnesota as 'Minnesta'

MN: Tax court chief judge faces misconduct charges

MN: Fed Court Rejects Nuke Agency's Extension of Waste Disposal on Tribal Territory

MN: Governor''s Executive Order to Unionize Child Care Providers Struck Down

MN: Govt Spends 'Billions' on State Programs without Competitive Bidding or Oversight

MN: Governor Vetoes Voter Fraud Law in Spite of 80% Public Support

MS: Judge orders high school band to not play hymn

MS: Judge picks foster parents over grandparents to care for two boys

MS: Fed Judge Blocks State Abortion Law

MO: Police arrest peaceful protesters operating within the law

MO: Senator McCaskill to Sell Private Jet after Failing to Pay Taxes

MO: Democrat Attorney-General Joined Fight Against ObamaCare

MO: Taxpayers Paid $35,000 for Lt Governor's Hotel Stays

MT: Judge Rules Domestic Violence Law Exempts Homosexuals

MT: Govt Spent $64,000 for 114 Refrigerators

MT: Watchdog Report on State Spending Waste and Abuse

NE: State ordered to return one million dollars seized from motorist

NV: New gun background checks unenforceable

NV: Judge reduces life sentence of man who molested young girl more than 100 times to one year in prison

NV: Parents, Judge Tussle Over Terminating Pregnancy of Mentally Disabled Daughter

NV: DMV Censors GOP-Leaning License Plates

NV: Rory Reid Set-up 91 Shell PACs to Evade Contribution Limits

NV: Senate Bill Would Eliminate Quarterly Spending Reports

NV: State and Counties Argue over Tax Increases

NH: State liquor board did not recognize DC drivers licenses as legitimate

NH: State Officials Accused of Overpaying for Property

NH: Judge Vacates $1.5 Million Jury Award in Trooper's False Imprisonment Case

NH: Governor Vetoes Secure Elections Bill

NH: Legislation Would Allow TSA Screeners to be Charged with Sexual Assault

NJ: Judge accused of making vulgar, sexual comments

NJ: Judge knowingly harbored wanted fugitive that was her boyfriend

NJ: Governor's office will not disclose Christie's out of state travel expenses

NJ: Court finds Christie's office violated open records law in improperly denying documents to newspaper

NJ: Cop: If Obama doesn't have to follow the Constitution than neither do police officers

NJ: Christie's forgotten constituents

NJ: Non-Union Utility Crews Turned Away From New Jersey

NJ: Elementary School Students Get $500,000 Settlement After Being Forced to Eat on Gym Floor

NJ: Assemblyman Accused of Writing $400,000 in Bad Checks

NJ: Registered Sex Offender Arrested for 169th Time

NJ: Secret Audio Recordings of Teacher & Aide Bullying Student

NJ: State Troopers Sued After Demanding Motorcyclists Remove Biker Jackets

NJ: New 'Unclaimed Property' Law Causes AmEx to Pull Gift Cards from State

NJ: Governor Christie Panders to Race, Politics in Honoring Houston

NJ: Unions Sue Governor Over Job Benefits

NJ: State Battles Steroid Abuse Among Law Enforcement Officers

NJ: Governor Takes State Helo to Son's Baseball Game

NJ: Watchdog Group Places Municipal Budgets Online

NJ: State Water Commission Behaved as Shadow Government

NJ: Combats Steroid Abuse by Police, Firefighters

NJ: State Sells Used Computers Full of Sensitive Data

NJ: Charges Dropped Against Official in 'Pay-to-Play' Corruption Scheme

NM: College president urges students to vote 'often'

NM: Politician accused of slashing tires of opponent

NM: Judge orders cop to get back job and back-pay after having been fired for role in a murder

NM: Judge Scolds Alleged Double Murderer -- For Being Disrespectful to Judge

NM: State Senator Refers to Governor Using Ethnic Slur

NM: Illegal Aliens Permitted to Get Drivers Licenses

NM: Millions of Dollars in New State Buildings Sit Vacant

NM: Governor to Consider Pardoning 'Billy the Kid'

NY: Judge charged with sucker-punching lawyer

NY: AG under fire for misusing law to shield cops

NY: Judge sucking money from woman with dementia

NY: Assembly speaker arrested for multimillion dollar bribery scheme

NY: Judge dismisses traffic ticket of driver who killed 3-year old

NY: Judge reverses guilty verdict of  'cannibal cop'

NY: Judge admits wrongly convicting innocent man because he was white

NY: Conservative group claims it has been targeted by Cuomo Administration

NY: Still no action on whistleblower's concerns over 'Sandy' funds misspent

NY: State transportation worker stealing government gasoline

NY: NYSERDA under investigation for improper financial practices

NY: Cuomo trades tax breaks for $100,000 in campaign contributions

NY: Governor threatens sheriffs who opposed his gun law

NY: State boycotted by 59 gun manufacturers

NY: Student involuntarily committed to asylum for 30 days after calling professor a 'bitch'

NY: Non-partisan task force: New York faces budget meltdown

NY: Hurricane Sandy-Afflicted People 'Dumpster Dive' While Cuomo and Bloomberg Engage in Photo-Ops

NY: Cuomo to Decriminalize 'Weed'

NY: Governor Fires Very Successful Healthcare Fraud Prosecutor

NY: Assemblyman Skips 20 of 60 Days of Session

NY: Prisons Allow Conjugal Visits by Same-Sex Couples

NY: Fed Tax Fraud Charges Against for NY Senate Leader

NY: Tug Hill Commission Faces Governor's Budget Axe

NY: 'Widespread Abuse' in State-Run Homes for Disabled

NY: Government Workers Earn $100K, $200K, $600K

NY: Feds Sue State Alleging Medicaid Fraud

NY: Governor Commutes Sentence of 57-year old Who Shot & Killed Unarmed Teen

NY: Ex-State Fair Director Charged with Fraud

NY: NYC Spends $27 Million to Change Street Signs to Lower Case

NY: Senate Majority Leader Indicted for Embezzlement

NY: Senate Leader Faces Tax Evasion Charges

NY: State Pays Employees to Sit Around in Empty Building

NY: Feds Seek to Re-Try former State Senate Majority Leader

NC: NC State University to give-away butt plugs and other sex toys

NC: 30,000 Dead People Registered to Vote

NC: Dem Politicians Campaign Against Secure Elections Bill

NC: Dems Oppose non-Photo ID for Elections

NC: Dept of Transportation Fraud Allegations

NC: Governor Announces 'Toothless' Hiring Freeze

OH: State supreme court tells judge she shouldn't scolded jurors for reaching 'wrong' verdict

OH: State representative found guilty in selling of football tickets

OH: County judge with anti-drinking reputation charged in hit-and-run accident

OH: DNR personnel accused of hunting deer while on duty

OH: Oberlin College plays along with racism hoax

OH: Judge apologizes for scolding jury

OH: Paper: 20% of 2012 voters were bogus

OH: State Officials Argue Taxpayers Have No Right to Challenge Govt Waste

OH: Legislation Would Make it 3rd State to Require Photo ID at Polls

OH: State & Local Govts Violate 'Open Meetings' Law

OH: Public Colleges Pay Employee Personal Cell Phone Bills

OK: Judge awards custody of child to sex offender father

OK: Judge gives deferred sentence to convicted sex offender

OK: State Money Wasted on Duplicated Services

OR: State to 'rehabilitate' companies opposed to gay marriage

OR: State police taser 11-year old autistic girl

OR: Judge Said He Made Right Decision in Denying 'Immediate Danger' Order to Woman & Children Who Were Murdered

OR: State Pays $1.2 Million to Female Inmates to Settle Sexual Misconduct at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

OR: State Spent $100,000 to Defend Employees over $428 in Travel Expenses

PA: Ten PennDOT employees in corruption & bribery scandal

PA: Judge pleads guilty in corruption case attorney-general tried to shut-down

PA: Judge blocks secure elections law

PA: Judge imposes lifelong gag order on two children

PA: State attorney general has judge assigned to corruption cases removed from bench

PA: Judge resigns after arrest for aiding son

PA: Judge tosses 3 murder charges against abortion doctor without explanation

PA: School suspends 5-year old for 'threatening' classmate with bubble-making toy

PA: Ousted Penn State President Has Govt Job with High Security Clearance

PA: Did Penn State Officials Cover-up TWO Scandals?

PA: Unemployment Benefits System Abused

PA: Convicted House Legislator Plans Reelection Run

PA: Prison Inmates Collect Unemployment Insurance

PA: Former House Speaker May Keep Advance Pension Payments Even if Found Guilty in Corruption Trial

PA: First of 'Bonusgate' Defendants Sentenced

PA: Legislators Propose Public Integrity Commission

PA: Judge Loses Home After Conviction for Insurance Fraud

PA: Judge Convicted in For-Profit Scheme

PA: State Legislators Raking in Cash in 'Per Diem' Scam

PR: Senator Sentenced to Prison for Fraud

RI: Judge ruling on case in which she benefits from decision

RI: Buys Digital TVs for Inmate Population

RI: State Closes Emergency Shelters for Abused Children

SC: Trooper pleads guilty to shooting unarmed, innocent motorist

SC: Ethics Filing Deadline SNAFU Favors Incumbents Over Challengers

SC: More Than 900 Dead People Have Voted in Recent Elections

SC: Dems Ask DOJ to Stop State's Voter ID Law

SC: Inspector General's Resignation Kept Quiet for Six Weeks

SC: State Establishes Website to Report Fraud, Waste and Abuse

TN: Officials credit hotline tips in finding one million dollars in fraud, waste & abuse

TN: Judge orders baby's name changed from 'Messiah'

TN: Agencies wasted $700,000 in just the last half of December

TN: Man Loses $22,000 in 'Policing for Profit' Scam

TN: Govt Employees Sell Scrap Metal for Personal Gain

TN: U.S.Appeals Court Tosses State Senator's Fraud Conviction

TN: State Wastes Fed Stimulus Money

TX: Judge questions Texas fetal burial remains law

TX: Judge allegedly assaulted court employee for years

TX: Health Commissioner makes improper highering and tuition disbursement decisions

TX: Police officer hits 76-year old man with stun gun over expired inspection sticker

TX: Official resigns over $110 million no-bid contract

TX: Judge orders removal of You Tube video highlighting Child Protective Services abuse

TX: Drunk-driving judge pleads for special treatment

TX: Judge who was lenient on homicidal 16-year driver now under fire

TX: Judge resigns from bench after admitting colluding with prosecutor

TX: Ex-state senator headed to prison for bribery scheme

TX: Judge may be charged for hiding evidence while serving as a prosecutor

TX: 6th graders given assignment to design flag for new socialist nation

TX: Judge taunts Heisman Trophy winner over speeding ticket

TX: Public schools teach Boston Tea Party patriots were terrorists

TX: Texas university sued for race discrimination against white dean

TX: Judge Rules Exonerated Inmate Must Pay Ex-Wife Who Divorced Him 20 Years Ago

TX: Pay Cut for Judge Taped Beating Daughter

TX: Judge Rules TransCanada May Seize Private Property for Pipeline

TX: Judge Fined for Breaking State Election Laws

TX: Eminent Domain Abuse

TX: Judge Suspended for Misconduct

TX: Fed Court Tosses-out Judge-Drawn Congressional Districts

TX: Former Detention Center Guard Charged with Abuse

TX: Tollway Agency Under Review if Performing Function

TX: Atty Gen's Office Violating Civil Rights in Medicaid Investigations

UT: Social Media Undermines Legislature Attempt to Reduce Transparency

UT: Governor's Staffer Arrested for Child Abuse

UT: Kearns High School Spends $1 Million on iPod Touches for Students

UT: Govt Fraud Alleged in Medicaid Cases

VT: Judge accused of shoplifting

VA: Judges order police chief to remove US flag display

VA: 15,000 duplicate voters to remain on rolls

VA: Inmate on the run after judge allows her to temporarily leave prison for an abortion

VA: Police jail college students for buying bottled water

VA: Radford University criminal justice professor arrested three times in one month

VA: Court Upholds Governor's Right to Rescind Transfer Order for German Inmate

VA: White Dem Congressman Pronounces Black GOP 'Not Representative' of Blacks

VA: Number of Virginians on Food Stamps Soars

VA: Legislators Attempt to Block Investigation into Fraudulent Use of State Money by University Academics

VT: Governor admits single-payer health proposal unaffordable

WA: University spent grant money on disallowed items including gifts

WA: Judge refuses to recuse himself in clear conflict-of-interest case

WA: Governor in midst of 'lying whore' kerfuffle

WA: State Pays Millions in Fines for Violating Public Records Law

WA: Director of Social Services Resigns After Massive Fraud Uncovered

WV: Judge arrested for trying to frame ex-lover's husband

WV: State Workers Implicated in Corruption Probe

WI: University official believes shoplifting is not a crime

WI: Special prosecutor backtracks and now admits Walker is not the target of a criminal investigation

WI: Taxpayers foot the bill for $5,000 in bureaucrats Netflix subscriptions

WI: State Agency Urges People to Register for Election without Proving Residency

WI: Judge Rules Voter ID Law Poses 'Substantial Burden' on Voters

WI: Counties Fail to Meet Standards in Abuse Investigations

WI: 29 Judges Sign Walker Recall Petition
   Run Afoul of Judicial Conduct Rules?

WI: Dem Party Opposed to Voter ID But Supports ID in Governor Recall Effort

WI: Election Officials Will Accept 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Adolf Hitler' on Recall Petitions

WI: School Mascot Names Deemed Offensive are Banned

WI: Welfare Credit Cards Used Fraudulently

WI: State Investigating Doctors Who Wrote Fake Sick Notes for Union Protestors

WI: Mysterious Ballots Boost Kloppenberg Total

WI: Public Union Member Sends Death Threats to GOP Lawmakers

WI: Judge Who Halted New Law had Conflict of Interest

WI: Video of Union Mob Overrunning Police, Storming State Capital Building

WI: 'Emeritus' Program Pays Retired Teachers One-Year Salary for 30 Days of Work

WI: Video: Doctor Handing Out Fraudulent 'Sick Notes' to Union Protesters

WI: Public Sector Unions Spend Taxpayer Money on Campaigns

WI: Dem Lawmakers Engineer Jailed Lawmaker's Release to Gain Votes in Lame Duck Session

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