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US: Judge orders entire FBI raid sealed over objections of owner of seized truck

US: Judge sides with NSA in spying on Americans case

US: Judge blasts ATF for entrapment case of man with no criminal history

US: Judge rules Indiana must allow gay marriage

US: Judge says FAA lacks authority to ban commercial drones

US: Judge rules driver license snooping not unconstitutional

US: Judge: DHS smuggling children to illegal alien parents

US: Judge tosses ban of Sharia law in Oklahoma courts

US: Judge denies subpoena to get emails between Dept of Education official and advocacy group

US: Judge rules against secular school owned by a Christian organization

US: Judge tosses lawsuit; endorses Dearborn law enforcement First Amendment violations

US: judge rejects Mennonite religious freedom claim in ObamaCare contraceptive case

US: judge uses race quota system in naming lead lawyers to class action cases

US: military's highest court removes judge from Ft. Hood terrorist shooting case

US: Judge bars Memphis suburbs from starting public school systems

US: Judge orders tobacco companies to advertise that they deceived the public over dangers

US: Ginsburg: all Supreme Court justices should be women

US: Judge suspends his own order Massachusetts must pay for sex-change operation for convicted wife-killer

US: Activist court strikes down voter-approved ban of race-based college admissions

US: Judge Whose Father was Killed in Carjacking Won't Recuse Herself in Similar Case

US: Judge Blocks Enforcement of STOCK Act by Executive Branch Personnel

US: Former Judges, Prosecutors Claim It's a Crime When Govt Prosecutors Indict Defendants Due to Vindictiveness

US: Judge Tosses Fighting Sioux Nickname Lawsuit

US: Judge Rules Muslims Can Use Tennessee Mosque

US: Judge Dismisses ObamaCare Contraception Lawsuit by 7 Seven States Ruling They Don't Have Standing

US: Judge Refuses to Halt California's 'Foie gras' ban

US: Judge's Ruling Moves Netflix Closer to Mandatory Closed Captioning

US: Fed Judge Blocks Mississippi Abortion Law

US: 7th Circuit Judge Takes Swing at Scalia

US: Judge Rules U.S. Wrongly Held Man in 'Preventative Detention'

US: Fed Judge Blocks Florida Law Barring Govt Contracts with Cuba-Affiliated Businesses

US: Appeals Court Found Judge Punished Defendant for Exercising Constitutional Rights

US: Judge Rules DOMA Unconstitutional

US: Judge Recommends Ban on Import of Xbox Game Systems

US: 9th Circuit Holds Meetings at Extravagant Resort in Maui

US: Appeals Court Upholds Constitutionality of Voting Rights Act

US: Prosecutors Seek to Overturn Judge's 'Book Report' Bail

US: Judge Rules Final Volume of CIA 'Bay of Pigs' Report May Remain Secret

US: Fed Judge Rules Texas Cannot Restrict State Health Payments to Abortion Group

US: Judge States 'Natural Born Citizen' Must Be Defined in Obama Eligibility Case

US: No Longer on Case, Judge Takes Strong Position on Environmental Lawsuit

US: District Court Judge Files for Personal Bankruptcy

US: Judge Rules NLRB Cannot Force Private Employers to Display Pro-Union Posters

US: Case Review Underway for Judge Who Used Drugs with Stripper

US: 9th Appeals Court Rules Misuse of Work PC Doesn't Violate Computer Fraud Act

US: Judge Tosses Colorado's Online Sales Tax

US: Judge to Rule NYC Transit Ban on Ad Regarding 'Jihad'

US: Judge Orders FBI to Turn-Over Evidence for DNA Testing from 1990 Bombing Against Environmentalists

US: Judge Upholds Most of Wisconsin's Law Limiting Collective Bargaining

US: Judge Sides with ACLU and Rules Grants Cannot be Made To Catholic Group Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking

US: Judge Releases Muslim Woman to House Arrest After Threatening to Behead Witnesses in Terror Trial

US: Appeals Court Reverses Judge Who Pressured Man to Grant Wife an Islamic Divorce

US: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging NY Ban on Non-Lawyers Owning Shares in Law Firm

US: Appeals Judge Concerned Over Trial Judge's Contact with Jurors

US: Appeals Court Rules Against Calif Voter-Approved Referendum

US: Judge Tells Convict Prison May Help Him Lose Weight

US: Court to Rule if Abu Ghraib Prisoners Can Sue Americans

US: Judge Rules Suspect Must 'Unlock' Computer and Incriminate Self

US: Appeals Court Blocks Oklahoma Prohibition on Using Islamic Law in Court

US: Judge Blocks California Assembly Budget Cuts to In-Home Care

US: Judge Backs ATF Enhanced Gun-Sale Requirements

US: Judge Orders Removal of 50-year Old 'School Payer' Banner From School

US: Judge Tosses $322 Million Verdict Due to Judicial Conflict

US: Three Judge Panel Disapproves West Virginia Redistricting

US: Judge Okays Secret Placing of GPS Devices without Warrant

US: 8th Appeals Court Rules Arkansas Must Continue Spending 'Desegregation' Money After 22-Years

US: Federal Judge Rules Minorities Need Partisan Elections in Order to Identify the Democrat Candidates

US: Federal Judge Gives Class Action Status to Mentally-ill Illegal Aliens

US: Federal Judge Tosses Jury-Trial Conviction of Illinois Politician

US: Federal Judge Blocks South Carolina's Immigration Enforcement Law

US: Federal Judge Blocks Arizona's Ant-Abortion Law

US: 11th Appeals Court Reverses Opinion and Rules 'Boy' a Discriminatory Word

U.S.: Supreme Court Justice 'Substantially Participated' in ObamaCare Court Strategy

AL: Judge orders governor to not sign legislation

AL: All Tuscaloosa County Judges and Prosecutor Recuse Themselves in Sex Abuse Case Against County Employee

AL: Judge Shuts-Down Harpersville 'Debtors Prison'

AR: Judge in hot water after anonymous online posts

AR: Judge removes prosecutors who wanted charges dropped in murder case

AR: Judge's Altercation with Ex-Wife's Boyfriend Under Review

AR: Judge Rules Woman Who Threw Away $1 Million Lottery Ticket Entitled to Prize

AK: Judge Dismisses 100-Count Child Sex Abuse Indictment Against Suspect

AZ: Judge Apologizes for Suggesting Sexual Assault Victim to Blame

AZ: Judge Removed from Bench for Misconduct

AZ: Fed Judge Rules Against Arizona's Human Smuggling Law

AZ: Judge Rules Mexican-American School Curricula on White Oppression Violates State Law

CA: Judge charged with misconduct over gifts to court clerk

CA: Judges sue state pension program

CA: Judge orders media to remove cameras from courtroom after refusing his order they provide video feed to prosecutor's office

CA: Judge supports state in eminent domain seizure land value dispute

CA: Judge owned stocks in which he ruled on

CA: Judge blocks California high-speed lawsuit

CA: Judge Overturns Woman's Small Claims Court Victory Against Honda

CA: Judge Dismisses Entire Jury After Gay Juror Excluded

CA: Judge Rules Muslims Harassing Jewish Students Engaged in Free Speech

CA: Judges Continues Moratorium on Capital Punishment

CO: Judge orders bakery to ignore religious beliefs and bake cakes for gay couples

CO: Payback -- Judge Sends Taxpayer Advocate to Jail

DE: Secret Arbitration Court Ruled Unconstitutional

DE: Citizens Sue Judges Who Decided Cases in Private

DC: Judge orders man to stop smoking ... in his own home

DC: Judge bans anti-abortion protestor from DC

FL: Judge places 'gag order' on Jacksonville TV station

FL: Judge and prosecutor secretly texting during murder trial

FL: Judge recommend dismissal of ethics violation against Tallahassee mayor who voted in favor of businesses with whom he had ties

FL: Miami police union wants star-struck judge removed from case

FL: Judge Rules Illegal Alien Children Can Get In-State Tuition

FL: Judge Orders Teacher Reinstated Who Put Austistic Student's Crayons in Hot Sauce

FL: Judge Blocks 'Onerous' Portions of Voter Registration Law Such as Record-Keeping

FL: Judge Sentences Woman to 20 Years for Firing Warning Shot

FL: Pasco County Judge Rules Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional

FL: Judge Rules Requirement Public Sector Employees Contribute to Own Retirement as 'Unconstitutional'

FL: Judge Claims Dolphins Tickets 'Aren't Worth a Damn'

FL: Judge Voids Second Capital Punishment Verdict and Rules Convicted Murderer Should Get 3rd Jury to Deliberate Fate

GA: Chair of judicial watchdog commission resigns citing political protection of favored judges

GA: Former judge indicted for allegedly lying to commission

GA: Judge convicted of framing and jailing woman he sexually harassed

GA: Atlanta judge reverses his unconstitutional restraining order against TV news report

GA: Fulton County judges threaten to jail county officials over the judge's travel reimbursements

GA: Former judge accused with sexual harassment

GA: Judge Accused of Pre-signing Warrants

GA: Citing Trial Delays a Judge Dismisses Child Rape & Murder Charges

GA: Judge resigns over misconduct allegations

GA: Judge Retires After Misconduct Investigation

GA: Judge Investigate for Brandishing Handgun in Court

ID: Judge Arrested on DUI Charges

ID: Judge Rules Idaho Newspaper's First Amendment Protections Are Limited

IL: Former judge gets 2-year sentence for drug charge

IL: Will County judge considers putting reporter on stand to demand sources

IL: Cook County Judges Illegally Sealed Hundreds of Cases

IL: Judge who shoved deputy not guilty by reason of insanity

IL: Judge Overrules All-Democrat Election Board That Kicked 3 GOP Candidates Off Ballot for Using Paper-Clips

IL: Judge Accused of Using Computers to Surf for Porn

IL: In Bench Trial, One Judge Clears a 2nd Judge of DUI

IL: After 7 Years in Prison, Judge Allows Woman to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Sledgehammer Attack

IL: Cook County Judge Banned from Courthouse due to Criminal Behavior

IL: Cook County Judge Launches Racial Tirade, Strikes Deputy

IN: Supreme Court suspends lawyer for calling an illegal alien an "illegal alien"

IN: Courts criminalize First Amendment

IA: Judge charged with insurance fraud

IA: Judge arrives at work drunk after urinating in the street

IA: Judge Halts Secure Election Law

IA: Judge Orders Father to Bring Children to Prison for Visitation with Mother Convicted of Murder

IA: Judge Rejects 'Implicit Bias' Class Action Lawsuit

IA: Judge Rules Homosexual Couples May Have Both Names Placed on Birth Certificate

Judge rules sperm donor to lesbian couple owes child support

KS: Judge fires employee for committing a good deed

KS: Sperm donor ordered to pay child support to lesbian couple

KS: Judge Blocks Student Transfers from Unaccredited Schools

KY: Judge may be removed from bench over alleged misconduct

LA: New Orleans judge embroiled in ethics investigation

LA: Judge rules school voucher program unconstitutional

ME: Judge rules school district did not discriminate against transgendered child

MD: Baltimore chief judge disciplined for third time

MD: Judge orders prison to treat transgender inmates better

MD: Judge suspended over pattern of inappropriate remarks in court

MD: Judge orders stripper is entitled to back-pay

MD: Judge rules convicted councilman may remain in office

MD: Judge suspended over cell phone jailings

MD: Judge Rules 1968 Misdemeanor Bars Gun Purchase

MA: Governor nominates judge based on judicial activism in homosexual issues

MA: Judge awards custody of 15-year old to state over decisions on medical care

MA: Judges Issue More DUI Acquittals Than Do Juries

MA: Ethics-Challenged Judge Faces Larceny Charge

MA: Judge Allows Obama's Drunk-Driving, Car-Crashing Illegal Alien Uncle to Remain in US, Free of Jail, and Retain Illegal License

MA: Judge Makes, then Seals Ruling in Twitter Case

MI: Judge rules no First Amendment rights for 57-year old student dismissed from college

MI: Judge halts Detroit bankruptcy because it doesn't 'honor' Obama

MI: Disgraced ex-judge heads off to prison for fraud

MI: Detroit judge put on leave amid claims of having sex with court petitioner

MI: Judge suspended for affair with plaintiff in child custody case

MI: Detroit Judge Accused of Sexting

MI: Judge Restores Power to Flint Mayor, City Council

MI: Inkster Judge Faces Allegations of Abusing Official Funds

MI: Judge Rules Homeless Sex Offenders May Stay in Shelters Near Schools in Violation of State Law

MN: Tax court chief judge faces misconduct charges

MN: State Looks to Oust Bad Judges

MS: Judge orders high school band to not play hymn

MS: Judge picks foster parents over grandparents to care for two boys

MS: Judge Halts Governor's Pardons

MT: Judge Rules Domestic Violence Law Exempts Homosexuals

MT: Judge Halts Yellowstone Bison Transfer

MT: Judge Confesses to Taking Bribes

NE: Lancaster County Judge Rules Kerrey Can Appear on May Ballot

NV: Judge reduces life sentence of man who molested young girl more than 100 times to one year in prison

NV: Clark County court engaged in sexual assault scandal

NV: Parents, Judge Tussle Over Terminating Pregnancy of Mentally Disabled Daughter

NV: Lawyers Give High Marks to Scandal-ridden Judge

NH: Judge Vacates $1.5 Million Jury Award in Trooper's False Imprisonment Case

NH: Judge Enforces Restraining Order Prohibiting Man from Picketing in Front of Church

NH: Judge Upholds Gun Ban on College Campus

NJ: Judge accused of making vulgar, sexual comments

NJ: Judge knowingly harbored wanted fugitive that was her boyfriend

NJ: Judge Blocks Release to Public Monmouth Police Study

NM: Judge Resigns After Probation Violation for Drinking

NM: Judge orders cop to get back job and back-pay after having been fired for role in a murder

NM: Judge Scolds Alleged Double Murderer -- For Being Disrespectful to Judge

NY: Judge charged with sucker-punching lawyer

NY: Judge sucking money from woman with dementia

NY: Judge orders hearing on the legal rights of chimpanzees

NY: DeBlasio reappoints Brooklyn judge who released violent cop-haters

NY: Judge dismisses traffic ticket of driver who killed 3-year old

NY: Judge admits wrongly convicting innocent man because he was white

NY: Manhattan judge orders Google to unmask blogger critical of lawyer

NY: Appeals court rules district judge not impartial in race-hiring case

NY: NYC Judges Spend $10,000 Tax-Free Allowance on Gadgets, Vacations

NY: Judge Orders Twitter to Turn Over Months of Tweets from Occupy Protestor

NY: State Oversight Commission Dismisses Nepotism & Conflict of Interest Charges Against Top Manhattan Judge

NY: Manhattan Judge Abuses Official Parking Pass & 'Cannot Locate' It After She Retires

NY: Judge Orders NYC to Fast Track Process to Change Gender on Birth Certificates for 'Transgenders'

NY: Judge Rules Towns Have Authority to Ban Private Drilling due to 'Fracking'

NY: Judge reverses guilty verdict of  'cannibal cop'

NY: Judge Rules FDNY Exam Discriminatory; Blacks & Hispanic Applicants Owed $128 Million

NY: NYC Officials Assail Bigoted Judge in Case

NY: Warren County Judge Reversed for Failing to Follow Criminal Procedure Law

NY: Judge Admits to Smoking Marijuana

NC: Wake County Judge Indicted

NC: Judge Claims Racial Bias in Overturning Death Row Sentence

NC: Mecklenburg Judge Commits Judicial Misconduct in DWI Case

NC: Cumberland County Judges Tosses Woman's 3 DWI Convictions

OH: State supreme court tells judge she shouldn't scolded jurors for reaching 'wrong' verdict

OH: Judge tells man he must remain declared dead although he's still alive

OH: Judge apologizes for scolding jury

OH: Cleveland judge draws Supreme Court scrutiny

OH: Cuyahoga County judge guilty of drinking while driving

OH: Franklin County Judge Nullifies Earlier Dismissal of Speeding Ticket Given to His Personal Attorney

OH: Judge's Dumb Facebook Order Violates Free Speech

OK: Judge awards custody of child to sex offender father

OK: Judge gives deferred sentence to convicted sex offender

OK: Lincoln County judge indicted for embezzlement and cattle theft surrenders

OK: Judge Vacates Order After Violating Ethics Rules

OR: Judge Said He Made Right Decision in Denying 'Immediate Danger' Order to Woman & Children Who Were Murdered

OR: Judge Hands Down Tough Sentence to Convict Who 'Wasn't Man Enough' to Apologize to Victims

OR: Court Rules Blogger is Not a Journalist

PA: Judge pleads guilty in corruption case attorney-general tried to shut-down

PA: Judge blocks secure elections law

PA: Judge imposes lifelong gag order on two children

PA: State attorney general has judge assigned to corruption cases removed from bench

PA: Judge resigns after arrest for aiding son

PA: Judge tosses 3 murder charges against abortion doctor without explanation

PA: Judge Strikes Down Mayor's Ban on Feeding Homeless in Parks

PA: Top Judge Charged with Corruption

PA: Judge Busted for Dismissing Own Tickets

PA: Luzerne County Judges Admit to Taking Kickbacks

RI: Judge ruling on case in which she benefits from decision

RI: Judge Imposes Lifetime Drivers License Ban on 17-year old

SC: Judge Sues For Defamation After Her Brother Was Suspected in Burglaries

TN: Judge orders baby's name changed from 'Messiah'

TN: Judge Rules Woman Who Shipped Adopted Boy to Russia Must Pay

TN: Judge High on Pills

TX: Judge questions Texas fetal burial remains law

TX: Judge allegedly assaulted court employee for years

TX: Judge orders removal of You Tube video highlighting Child Protective Services abuse

TX: Drunk-driving judge pleads for special treatment

TX: Judge who was lenient on homicidal 16-year driver now under fire

TX: Judge resigns from bench after admitting colluding with prosecutor

TX: Judge sued after sending teen to live with registered sex offender who was later raped

TX: Galveston judge could 'hurt or kill someone'

TX: Judge may be charged for hiding evidence while serving as a prosecutor

TX: Judge taunts Heisman Trophy winner over speeding ticket

TX: Judge suspended for beating daughter is reinstated to the bench

TX: Judge Rules Exonerated Inmate Must Pay Ex-Wife Who Divorced Him 20 Years Ago

TX: Pay Cut for Judge Taped Beating Daughter

TX: Judge Rules TransCanada May Seize Private Property for Pipeline

TX: Judge Suspended for Misconduct

TX: Convicted Judge to Testify Against Alleged Bribery Accomplice

TX: Judge Sends Honor Student to Jail for Missing School

TX: DeLay Wants Judge Who Campaigned Against Him Removed from Panel

TX: Fatal Drunk Driver Gets 90-Day Sentence, 4 Days of Sign-Wearing

TX: Dallas County Judge Joins Striking Airline Employees

TX: Homosexual Judge Refuses to Marry Heterosexual Couples

TX: Judge Under Scrutiny Over Possible Misconduct 25 Years When Serving as Prosecutor

UT: Judge Cannot Jail Convicted Rapist Suspected in Two Dozen Rapes

VT: Judge accused of shoplifting

VA: Judges order police chief to remove US flag display

VA: Inmate on the run after judge allows her to temporarily leave prison for an abortion

VA: Circuit Court Appoints Gay Jurist to Bench After Rejection by General Assembly

VA: Judge Dismisses Drunk-Driving Charges Against Former FAA Chief

VA: Judge Rules Facebook "Like" is not Protected Speech

VA: Judge Tells Congregation to Hand-Over Church Over Gay Bishop Dispute

WA: Judge refuses to recuse himself in clear conflict-of-interest case

WA: Judge Said He Was Justified in Engaging in Misconduct to Help Friend's Daughter

WA: Judge Blocks Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Taxes

WV: Judge arrested for trying to frame ex-lover's husband

WV: Judge Orders End to Single-Sex Classes in Middle School

WV: Judge Halts Surface Mining Permit

WI: Judge Who Blocked Voter ID Law Signed Recall Petition

WI: Judge Blocks State's Voter ID Law

WI: Judge Embroiled in Dueling Lawsuits

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